The Fearless Leader/Principal KC Dunstan

KC Dunstan - I am so pensive

Originating from the middlest of the Midwest, KC worked in-house for a variety of companies and agencies until June 2008 when he returned to Denver for a second time. Prior to this, he worked on projects for clients such as Johnson & Johnson, HGTV, Microsoft, Mountain Dew, Procter & Gamble, Toyota, Warner Bros, and Welch’s.

After experiencing the potentially soul-crushing experience of a lifetime working for The Man, KC realized his love of mid-day runs/daytime TV/afternoon baseball games/freedom in general required him to strike out on his own. After quickly realizing that many heads are better than one, he created strategic partnerships with the best and brightest designers, developers, and strategists he knew. With that, 525creative was born.  The result is a lean team of ninjas assembled on an as-needed basis, without the overhead of a typical agency.

When he’s not plotting his client’s next earth-shattering success, KC can be found working in the garden, putting around on his Genuine Pamplona scooter, watching the Cubs (in the summer), watching the Browns (in the winter), or brewing his own beer.

(PS- Client holiday gifts frequently include a special brew. How good is it? Hire 525creative and find out!)