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Intermap Technologies created an amazing iPhone app called Accuterra. Accuterra allows you to download trail maps for parks located throughout the country, then tag your outing with photos, notes and more. Accuterra also allows you to share your trek with your friends via a variety of social networking websites. As if this weren’t enough, Accuterra allows you to access Intermap’s own GPS satellites to track your progress regardless of 3G or Edge network coverage!

Intermap needed an easy to use, search engine-friendly site that their team could easily update as new information became available. They contacted Derek Balmer at Hold Fast Creative to develop the user interface/site design and Derek contacted 525creative to handle the content management development.

HFC and 525creative put their collective heads together to create a rustic design embodying the outdoorsy spirit of their audience with a user-friendly back end that anyone on their team could update.

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