It’s that time of year…

There’s a chill in the air, snow on the mountains, and an unhealthy glow coming from the Denver City & County Building. It’s Christmas! Time for another batch of Fancypants Brewing Company’s client Christmas cheer! This year, we thought we’d take you through the process of creating the best client gift the world has ever known! Have a look.

  1. T’was a balmy 24 degrees on the evening of November 12th when the brewing process began. Luckily, there was a fridge full of adult beverages to keep the brewer warm while the wort boiled. Goose Island’s 2009 Christmas Ale, a tasty brown ale, to be precise.

  2. Genghis Kern graciously opened his letterpress workshop to FBC and a few other designer/brewers to handmake gift tags for the bottles. This isn’t the first collaboration with Genghis (he’s the guy responsible for 525creative’s kick ass business cards) and it certainly won’t be the last. He’s a consummate pro and a pleasure to work with. Be sure to let him know we said that, too. :D

  3. It wouldn’t have been right to take Genghis’ work of art and punch a hole with a common paper punch. A tag this fancy would require a hammer even fancier! It was also the only hole punch/hammer/riveter combo that Michael’s had in stock, so all the better!

  4. With some assistance from my lovely wife Kim, the holes were punched, the eyelets set and the thread threaded. On to the next step!

  5. To change it up this year, a swanky silver wax seal was chosen. It just happened to look a lot like the T1000 from Terminator 2… who, incidentally, was played by a fellow BGSU alum, Robert Patrick.

  6. Next, we dip the bottles in the wax to create a seal and fancy things up a bit. It doesn’t really serve any purpose as far as the quality of the beer, but it’s a safe bet that if you find a bottle of beer with a wax seal, the contents will almost certainly be delicious.

  7. So that’s that. Another batch of client brew packaged up for delivery. Just in case you’re keeping score at home, this year’s batch was a Belgian dark strong ale based on the Trappistes Rochefort Number 8.

    It weighed in at a deceptive 9.2% ABV and is sure to keep a person warm on those long, cold winter nights.

    Here’s to another year of prosperity in 2010. Prost!

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