Master your domain Content Management

Many of the creatives that partner with 525creative used to spend a lot of their time performing simple text updates on their clients websites every month. While this was a necessary evil, it wasn’t an efficient use of the client’s money or the designer’s time.

That’s where ExpressionEngine comes in.

  • EE is a robust, easy to use content management system built on the Code Igniter PHP framework. This means you don’t need expensive server technologies to run it.
  • It allows you the ability to update your website content whenever you want. Search engines looooove fresh content!
  • Find out what areas of the site your visitors are looking for, as well as what isn’t as effective by experimenting with your content and comparing the results. 
  • EE is completely web based; it doesn’t require you to install expensive software on your computer to make updates.
  • EE has an excellent security track record and your admin area is safely hidden behind a password protected form.
  • EE is commercial software. That means there are professionals paid to support and document it, a feature sorely missed in many other affordable CMS options.

Read more about the benefits of Expression Engine at Ryan Irelan’s blog and the official EE website.